The Veterans of Armenia (VOA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California, that is committed to enabling Armenians worldwide to make a meaningful impact in their motherland. One of our first initiatives is The Project Swim, a program designed to empower amputee veterans by teaching them how to swim and compete in international competitions.

The VOA works directly with hospitals and organizations that care for soldiers and veterans in Armenia and Artsakh, and The Project Swim is a unique way of promoting physical and emotional rehabilitation. The program is fully funded by the VOA, covering all costs associated with the project, including trainers, swimwear, sports gear, travel, and even special prosthetics made for swimming and water polo. The Project Swim is specifically designed for amputee veterans, and thanks to their dedication, the veteran’s team became the only Paralympic team of professional swimmers in Armenia in a short period of time.

The Project Swim is not just about teaching veterans how to swim, but also promoting physical activity, socialization, and self-confidence. 

Through the generosity of donors and supporters, The Project Swim has already completed numerous successful projects, and the VOA continues to strive to accomplish even more. The project’s impact can be seen in the hope and empowerment experienced by veterans who are rediscovering their strength and abilities in the water.

The Project Swim by the Veterans of Armenia is an inspiring initiative that highlights the power of community and giving back. It is a testament to our dedication and hard work. Through this initiative, the VOA is not only teaching veterans how to swim but also empowering them with the skills and confidence they need to succeed. The VOA’s commitment to The Project Swim is a reminder of the positive impact that can be achieved when people come together with a common goal.

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