Introducing our 1st VOA Approved Project!

In efforts of bringing light to the overlooked, VOA has visited and vetted one of the largest martial arts academies based in Artsakh, JKS Karate Federation, which is in need of financial assistance. 

JKS Karate Federation is a nonprofit organization based in both Mainland Armenia and Artsakh that provides free martial arts training to the youth of Artsakh. 

VOA and JKS are working together to strengthen and enable their Artsakh academy and staff of Veteran trainers by allowing them to sustainably continue providing classes in Artsakh—with the help of our community members in the Diaspora.

Presently, there are 5 veteran black belt trainers actively running 11 classes for approximately 250 students and counting. 


– Secure monthly salaries for these 5 veteran trainers.

– Obtain a budget for karate attire and tournaments.

These martial art classes can have a direct impact on the youth’s mental and physical development, as many of them have tragically lost family members in the recent 44-day war. 

We are currently looking for donors and sponsors to help us fund and sustain this amazing cause for 2 years at the cost of $2000 a month. All donation amounts are appreciated.

Companies and individuals who are looking to become general sponsors will receive acknowledgment on all our platforms to show their involvement and dedication to the children of Artsakh and our Veterans. Please email us at support@veteransofarmenia.org for more information. 

Your contributions and donations will help the well-being and growth of our future generations in Artsakh and support our Artsakh Veterans.