Campaign Completed & Goal Reached

Henrik is from a small town called Artashat in Armenia. During the war, Henrik was injured by a sniper and suffered a spinal injury which left him in a wheelchair. The current condition and layout of his home makes it nearly impossible for him to live his day-to-day life in a wheelchair. Funded by our generous donors, VOA has committed in helping retrofit Henrik’s home with the help of our trusted and verified partners and contractors in Armenia. These necessary changes will help Henrik re-acclimate to his life and lessen the burden of his living conditions. His current living conditions prevent his ability to complete basic tasks like using the sink, shower, and toilet. The renovations include a more accessible restroom as well as the addition of a lift to allow for easy wheelchair access from the ground floor to his apartment on the second floor. Veterans of Armenia has verified that Henrik has a vested interest and owns the subject property.

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