Dear Veterans of Armenia,

Currently, I am a freshman at the American University of Armenia majoring in engineering sciences. I chose this major because I think this is where I belong. I enjoy learning new things about my profession, I like experimenting and trying again if I fail. The American University of Armenia is the place where I can fully devote myself to my studies. What attracts me most to AUA is the environment that helps me focus on my future.

My family consists of my father, mother, older brother, his wife, and of course, my dog Balu. My desire to learn engineering dates back to my childhood. I was always curious about how different things were made.

With great support from my family, that innocent curiosity grew into something bigger, it turned into a driving force for me to find more and more answers to different questions. My greatest expectation from AUA is a sufficient foundation for my future career development, and I genuinely believe that the American University of Armenia will not fail me.

I see myself becoming an excellent specialist in my chosen field. I believe that this world needs groundbreaking inventions to make it a better place, and I want to make Armenia the home of those inventions.

To conclude my letter, I want to add that I hope that I could thoroughly express how enormous your generous contribution is not only to my life but also for the lives of people who will be affected by the results of my future success.

Sahakyan Gor, BS in Engineering Sciences, class of 2026