Campaign Completed & Goal Reached

Discover the incredible stories of our dedicated veterans who’ve overcome adversity by devoting countless hours to training. Their determination and resilience have allowed them to not only overcome physical limitations but also embrace the therapeutic benefits of the water. The Swim Project has been a transformative journey for them, igniting a passion for swimming, instilling renewed purpose, and fortifying their inner strength.

Your contribution to our fundraising campaign plays a pivotal role in their quest for excellence, providing direct support that encompasses everything from comprehensive training, essential equipment, and participation in upcoming competitions, to food, transportation, and accommodations.

Every dollar you donate brings us one step closer to achieving our shared goal: to have our Veterans be the first to represent Armenia in the Paralympics. Your contribution not only equips them to compete at their best but also conveys a profound message of gratitude, respect, and solidarity to our brave heroes. Join us in this heartfelt mission and become a part of their inspiring journey towards excellence.